EO-1 Satellite is tasked as part of OGC OWS-4 Demo

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Wed, 06 Dec 2006 19:19:00 GMT

Simulating an incident at the Newark Port Authority, the NASA EO-1 satellite is called in for support.

After checking availability and feasibilities of an observation of Port Newark, an opportunity was selected and a high priority tasking request was submitted for the EO1 satellite Hyperion instrument centered at the target location.

Using the OGC Sensor Planning System Specification & the Sensor Web Enabled (SWE) data node: eo1.geobliki.com, a priority replacement target record was issued at: 2006-342/15:21:21

An automated email from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was received upon successful replacement of the target request in the ground queue.

Tonight, the tasks will be uploaded to the satellite. The onboard scheduler will automatically regenerate the sequencing of the instruments onboard without any human intervention using the Autonomous Sciencraft Experiment (JPL/CASPER).

Level 1G Hyperspectral Data will be made available within 12 hours by USGS and served by the GeoBliki Sensor Observation Service. A subset of the 242 available hyperspectral bands will be available on-demand.

An automated BPEL script from GMU GeoBrain will start the processing of the subsetted data. This processing has been tailored to detect potential flood coverage in the area. A GeoTIFF image will generated and dispayed on a web client.

The relevant web services have all been registered in the NASA Earth Sciences Catalog to allow for systematic discovery.

For more information, please contact Stu Frye, Dan Mandl,
Steve Chien or myself.


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